Death Transit Tanager

A new sci-fi comic series from Eisner Award-winning creator Karl Kerschl

A young woman with a strange gift travels the galaxy to help lost souls find their way home.

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Episode One

Tanager Ray searches an alien-infested mining asteroid to help an old man find something he lost.

Episode Two

Working on it now!
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Death Transit Tanager Blog Posts


My halftone process in ClipStudio! Always easy and always editable. I recorded an entire page to show you.

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A black and white page from start to finish, including a lot of halftone pattern use, which Clip Studio makes very easy.

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I’m drawing a new webcomic! It’s sort of a cross between Metroid and Hellboy and I’m posting pages here as I finish them, exclusively for subscribers. When it’s done it’ll be free for everyone, but until then you can read it here as it unfolds.

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