“I’m not sure of the best way to describe The Abominable Charles Christopher. To say it’s like an unholy mash-up of Walt Kelly, Jeff Smith and Sumerian Mythology is true, but it misses the point completely. It is its own thing, and it does what comics do best: make a world and draw you into it.”

—Neil Gaiman

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Chapter One

The lovable and dim-witted Charles Christopher wakes up and ventures out of the Cedar Forest in search of his past.

Chapter Two

Charles Christopher comes face to face with the scourge of the Cedar Forest–the terrible King Gilgamesh!

Chapter Three

Charles and Gilgamesh make their way toward Mount Mashu where something terrible awaits.

Chapter Four

The final chapter of The Abominable Charles Christopher! Currently updating...

About the Abominable Charles Christopher

Launched in 2007, The Abominable Charles Christopher is the critically-acclaimed webcomic from renowned comic artist Karl Kerschl. It follows the adventures of a childlike sasquatch through a forest full of colourful animal characters and has won several awards, including the Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic in 2011.

The Abominable Charles Christopher began as a free online webcomic and will remain free to read forever.

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A few years ago I was approached by a small film company about possibly producing an animated version of The Abominable Charles Christopher. They asked me to put together a small pitch bible for a series. Here’s what I came up with.

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Drawing an episode of The Abominable Charles Christopher. Streamed on March 06, 2019


Drawing an episode of The Abominable Charles Christopher. Streamed on February 27, 2019