Process: Barn Owl Commission

I’ve been recording the drawing process of some of my recent commissions and I thought it would be fun to post one of them here. These are done using Pigma Sakura Micron pens and shaded with an ink wash (usually just thinned ink from one of my Kuretake brush pens).

I get a lot of requests for superheroes, etc, which is fun, but I like drawing animals because I can play more with textures of fur and feathers and tree bark.

Thanks to Emma for allowing me to show off her commissioned barn own before it’s even in her hands. 🙂


  1. Simon Edge

    Wow! I was already stunned when my Ashitaka commission arrived, but seeing how you did the commissions made it even more amazing.
    What paper do you use? That works well with the ink

    • karlkerschl

      Hey, Simon! Usually I use a smooth Canson bristol paper for commissions, but I was out so my studiomate Andy Belanger gave me some of his paper that he buys from the art store and cuts himself. It had a bit more texture and made for some nice drybrush effects!

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