ISOLA: Chapter Two Now Available!

It’s here! The second volume of my Eisner Award-nominated fantasy-adventure series is on the shelves now and continues the story of Captain Rook and Queen Olwyn as they… well, here’s the back cover synopsis:

In the second collection of BRENDEN FLETCHER and KARL KERSCHL’s Eisner-nominated series, Queen Olwyn and Captain Rook find themselves far off course, without supplies or any hope of breaking the evil spell trapping Olwyn in the form of a magical blue tiger. The companions will face grave new threats and uncover long-held secrets in their quest to find Isola, the land of the dead, where they hope to return the Queen of Maar to human form before war breaks out.Collects ISOLA #6-10

The Image Comics website has you covered for buying options, whether it’s a physical or digital copy, or you can get a signed copy directly from me with a little sketch in it while supplies last!

Hope you enjoy it! Here are some preview pages…


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