1. Who’s this??
  2. mrfreeze0072000 said: Will you be attending comic con this year?

    Arghh! No, I won’t be. But I’ll be at the New York Comic Con!

  3. Soaker!!
Olive & Maps, caught in the rain.
  4. Original line art from the Superman/Wonder Woman cover I did. I drew them all on separate layers in manga Studio. Superman had mecha wings??!
  5. My variant cover for Jeff Lemire’s Justice League Canada. Issue 4, I think?
It was supposed to feature the ladies on the team and one of Jeff’s concepts was ‘the girls watching a hockey game’. Which sounded like fun to me, especially since I drew it during the playoffs. :)
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  8. Superman/Wonder Woman cover (co-starring Batman for his 75th anniversary)
There was no real direction for this other than to put the three of them on a cover. I was kind of creatively blocked for days and then just started drawing and this is what came out - a Gatchaman-inspired, space-version of the DC Trinity.
It was fun to reimagine them. I gave Wonder Woman invisible armor because I figured if she has invisible tech she could use it for something other than an airplane (there must be so much cool invisible stuff on Paradise Island)!
And at one point in the drawing, Superman had big mecha wings behind his back to replace his cape. But I thought that might be going too far, so I removed them.
Big, big thanks to Mark Chiarello for letting me do whatever I want. :) 
  9. Sad Animals in Winter
by alaskaland
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  11. animals-animals-animals:

Short-eared Owl (by by Mohn Khorshid)
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