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Orders for October comics are due in at your local comic book shop! That means time is quickly running out to guarantee you’re able to get your own copies of BATGIRL #35 and GOTHAM ACADEMY #1.
To be sure you don’t miss out, bring the above codes in to your retailer when you head in to pick up your new books today. It’s super important to get those orders in immediately. If your shop doesn’t know you want these books, they won’t order them. And if they don’t order them, THEY DON’T ORDER THEM!
jk ;)
But seriously, get your orders in today, guys. Thank you SO much for all the incredible enthusiasm and support you’ve shown for these books. We’re so appreciative of all you’ve done so far to spread the word. Keep it up and we promise not to disappoint! 
  4. Bruce Wayne… DATING!
  5. brendenfletcher:

    Welcome to Gotham Academy!

    Writers Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher, and Batman Group Editor Mark Doyle talk with PREVIEWSworld’s Vince Brusio about Gotham Academy from DC Comics! Get Gotham Academy #1 (AUG140201) on October 1st at your local comic shop!”

  6. brendenfletcher:

Meet Pomeline Fritch of GOTHAM ACADEMY! Fond of demonology books, silver jewelry & anything Francis Bacon.
  7. The cover of Gotham Academy issue 2!
  8. I was listening to this excellent inkstuds interview with Rob Liefeld, so here’s a warm-up drawing of Shaft from Youngblood.
  9. Olive and Maps in the hot seat. Coloured panel from Gotham Academy issue 1. Out on October 1st!
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  11. Bruce Wayne at Gotham Academy. My version of Bruce is heavily inspired by Bruce Timm’s revamped design in the NEW Batman Adventures. Slimmer build, arched eyebrows and widow’s peak. That show is still one of my favourite depictions of Batman ever!
  12. Gotham Academy Order Code!
Tell your local comic shop to secure you a copy (or several)! On the shelves October 1st!
Order #AUG140201
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