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  2. Money: I Ramble Like An Idiot About Things You Think I'm Stupid For Thinking


    Once they started cutting holes in the walls of buildings to get at Banksy art, you should’ve known something was wrong with this viewpoint. Yeah that’s right. Should have.

    There was an interesting discussion today on twitter that I mostly caught the Ales Kot end of, where he was talking…

  3. Soy Milk
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Hiroaki Samura 
  5. The Dark Souls of breakfast:
by George Alexopoulos - StudioNJ.com
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  8. communibear:

Elektra style sheet by Bill Sienkiewicz
  9. by Lissa Treiman
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  11. Ainmere & Ysolde, by the wonderful Gillian Grossman.
  12. bighatdino:


Ok, so I did a star wars story it would be about a couple of femaie jedi who fall in love in a chaste aesthetic kind of way. All about the meeting of souls through the force during the final stages of the clone wars. As fear grips the jedi council the pair are accused of falling from the way of the jedi. Pushed into fleeing they desert pursued by agents of the council  who believe they are in league with the sith behind the conflict…
About halfway through the clone army would turn on the jedi and the chase changes from a secret fleeing into the shadows of the empire kind of thing into a helter skelter ride from an entire galaxy out to kill them. Much like a thelma and louise across the stars.
The idea would be to play on the ideas of whether love being a weakness is true or not. We hear a lot of love going sour and being a corrupting force in other stories in the starwars universe. So what if it remains true and lifts us to a better place and however bad love can make a jedi, it can also raise them higher. It’s simply the gamble that the council can not, will not make.
So happy Valentines.

I can see why Brandon Graham suggested you should do Star Wars comics for Dark Horse (well, Marvel inevitably)… :)
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