1. Gotham Academy Order Code!
Tell your local comic shop to secure you a copy (or several)! On the shelves October 1st!
Order #AUG140201
  2. I streamed an hour or so of Gotham Academy drawing last night! Here’s the recorded video for those of you who didn’t tune in live.

    Audio was on but I’m not talking during this - next time I’ll remember to turn on the Q&A and field questions and chat as I go.

  3. brendenfletcher:

Phew, thank the lord this was finally posted. We’ve been DYING to reveal it for ages and now, at long last, here it is in all its glory. 
This is the FULL version, as it’ll appear in and around the school. There’s a stripped down version that’ll be on clothing and on other goods (no sword, no scrolls or text etc). We’ll release that into the wild soooooon! :D
Revealed exclusively on @comicbookresources: http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/2014/07/sdcc-enroll-now-for-gotham-academys-fall-semester/
  4. Still the best thing ever.

  5. 47
  6. Olive and Maps exploring the grounds of Gotham Academy. Some more progress from the drawing board.
  7. rnacarons said: aaaaaa maps is so so cute???? i'm asian and since cass cain is gone, this is personally really nice to see. (i'm so excited for gotham academy ugh)

    Thanks! We’re all really into Maps. She’s adorable. Wait ‘til you see her dialogue!

  8. Who’s this??
  9. mrfreeze0072000 said: Will you be attending comic con this year?

    Arghh! No, I won’t be. But I’ll be at the New York Comic Con!

  10. Soaker!!
Olive & Maps, caught in the rain.
  11. Original line art from the Superman/Wonder Woman cover I did. I drew them all on separate layers in manga Studio. Superman had mecha wings??!
  12. My variant cover for Jeff Lemire’s Justice League Canada. Issue 4, I think?
It was supposed to feature the ladies on the team and one of Jeff’s concepts was ‘the girls watching a hockey game’. Which sounded like fun to me, especially since I drew it during the playoffs. :)
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