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  2. My Justice League United Flash variant cover, based on the old Carmine Infantino ‘Mystery In Space’ cover! Colours by comics heartthrob Dave McCaig.
  3. A heartfelt ‘thank-you’ from Olive & Maps (mostly Maps) for supporting Gotham Academy.
  4. beckycloonan:

HAPPY GOTHAM ACADEMY DAY!!! Fall semester starts now!! The amount of support and kind words we’ve gotten so far has been overwhelming— thank you guys! I’m so proud of this comic!! brendenfletcher and karlkerschl I love you guys. Team Gotham Academy, WE DID IT!!!
  5. beckycloonan:

Gotham Academy issue 1 signing tour! Me, Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl sign all your books!!!
  6. There are a lot of bleachers to draw in this issue of Gotham Academy. And it’s all Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher’s fault. :(
  7. Minmei
  8. Eric, from Gotham Academy issue 2. This guy is super fun to draw.
  9. Facebook is like an NPC that asks me the same questions over and over. ‘Where did you go to school?’ ‘I hear there’s a fairy in the well.’
  10. cliobablio:

Fanart for Gotham Academy! I feel like I am going to love the crap out of this comic. Spooky! Scary!!
  11. Gotham Academy issue 3 cover!
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